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the experience

*package offered with your VIP section*

Restaurant Reservations

We are proud to offer you 12 unique restaurant options who will be delighted to host you and your guests. We will make the reservations for you and work with our partners to show you an amazing time.

*In order to ensure your experience is seamless, please book your experience no less than 3 weeks in advance.

(Last minute requests are acceptable, however reservation options 
may be limited.)


Pick your personal VIP section, and indulge in our bottle offerings... laying the foundation for an amazing evening & memorable celebration.


It’s your birthday and you should be celebrated with all the bedazzle. We allow for your family and friends to book time with us to decorate your section in line with the LoVe vibe & ambience.


At LoVe we take capturing the best moments seriously. If you book through us, our in house photography team will coordinate a 8-10 min photo shoot of you and your guests having the time of your lives, catching every pose and every angle. We package the photos for you and deliver shortly after your night with us. 

Book Your Request

Thank You! - we will be in touch.

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